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30 Ways To Healthier and Longer Hair

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Experiencing slow growing, brittle, or thinning hair? Or simply want healthier and longer hair but don't know where to start?

Look No Further! We, the creators of LOVE LOCKS liquid hair vitamins, bring you the ultimate healthy hair guide containing 30 ways to fast track your way into healthier, fuller and longer hair. From items you can easily find in your kitchen, to techniques you can incorporate straightaway, we have compiled easy, cheap and natural ways that will give your hair the boost it needs.

In this Hair Guide you will find:
- 11 Hair Care Practices to wake up your hair follicles for maximum hair growth and length retention;
- 10 Natural Hair Treatments and Masks for stronger and moisturised strands;
- 5 Must Have Oils that you will stimulate your scalp and reduce itchiness; and
- 4 Hair Rinses to reduce excessive shedding and bring your hair back to life.

Plus many more tips to ensure you make the most of our Guide!
What our customers are saying....
Benefits of hair nutrition
Let's Get into the Details
  • Strengthen
  • Grow
  • Thicken

Vitamin A to encourage a healthier scalp, giving you shinier and more moisturised strands

Zinc to strengthen the hair shaft and minimise shedding

Biotin to help rebuild keratin and repair damaged hair

Vitamin C to fight the free radicals behind grey hair and hair loss

Millet ExtractCysteine and Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) to promote faster hair growth and the regrowth of new hair follicles

Inositol and Choline together to promote the production of more hair follicles and reduce hair fall

Folic Acid to provide the scalp with oxygen and nutrients it needs for healthy hair growth

Thiamine to promote healthy cell function to grow healthy hair

Pyridoxine to promote the regulation of androgens linked to hair loss

Riboflavin to activate Thiamine and Pyridoxine

Bamboo Extract rich in silica to increase blood flow to your scalp and help with thinning hair

MSM to encourage collagen production and builds stronger strands

Niacin bringing anti-inflammatory properties to help with thinning hair