Whether it’s chic and cropped or free to flow, naturally nourished hair is always in style. There are so many reasons why our hair is often not at its best, which is why Love Locks provides a range of smart ingredients and vitamins to help bring your hair back to its best life. Your hair has its own story, as uniquely individual as you are.

You may have been exposed to years of styling and heat damage, leaving you with fried hair that has lost its luster. Or you may have felt the effects of nature’s challenges like thyroid hair loss, menopausal hair loss or female pattern baldness.

However your path has led you here, it’s time to take control and regain your crown.

Banish the split ends, supercharge your flat roots and tackle those weak brittle nails while you’re at it with an infusion that will become the favourite part of your beauty regime.

About us

Our Founder created Love Locks to help women around the world unlock their natural hair’s potential.

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Inspired by her very own grandmother, who at the age of 86 has an enviable mane, she wants every woman to get the best out of their hair, no matter their age, ethnicity or lifestyle.

Lovingly blended in the UK and aligned with highest EU quality standards, our hair supplement is created with a special homemade touch. For the Founder, it’s definitively personal.

As well as helping you to discover your healthiest hair, our mission as a brand is to help women across the world feel more confident in their own skin and embrace their natural beauty. We're especially keen to work with charities helping those living with a visible difference, so if you are one please email us at