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Hair Colour Ideas You Cannot Miss Out!

hair colour ideas

2019 is almost upon us and there are many hair colour ideas you can use to spice up your look! Whether you've never dyed your hair before or are a constant at the hair salon trying out the newest celebrity looks, finding a hair colour that suits you isn't easy. Getting it wrong will get you looking the opposite of fresh and trendy or even yourself.

Want help with hair dye ideas that will revamp your look?

There are a few factors that come into play when picking your hair colour. We'll focus on three.

#1  Your Eye Color

When choosing a new hair colour, you must look at the colour of your eyes, since you want to make sure that when fresh faced your hair and eye colours are in sync and your whole face in harmony.

Blue or grey eyes tend to do well with lighter hair colours like champagne or rose-beige blonde. These do not obfuscate the blue, ensuring that they pop as they should.

Green eyes go extremely well with violet red or copper hair colours as these bring out the warm undertones in the green.

While brown or hazel eyes will harmonise very well with darker hair colours, but beware not to go too dark since it will give you a harsh look. Instead, go for butterscotch blonde or golden brown shades.

#2 Your Skin Tone

There are two components to your skin tone. You have your normal skin tone and your undertone which can be either warm or cool. Want to know a quick trick to figure out your undertone? Just check the colour of your veins under natural light. If they look green, then you have a warm tone. If blue then you have a cool undertone. Easy.

Those with dark skin will suit any brunette shade and will look great with caramel blonde or dark reds. Avoid colours with a blue or green base, or extremely light blonde shades or you'll look washed out.

Medium skin tones go well with honey shades of blonde or milk chocolate shades of brown. Bright shades of red also go well, but avoid purple undertones.

Light skin tones should avoid really dark hair since it'll create a ghost-like effect. Picture the girl from the Ring. Yep, that's right! So going for colors with a violet or blue base, like icy blonde or strawberry blonde will work in your favour, especially if you have a cool undertone.

#3 Your Dedication to Your Hair

If you're someone that is always on the go and can only take 5 mins out of your day for a breather, doing something dramatic to your hair might not be the best way forward! You'll need a change that can suit your lifestyle by being easy to maintain. For instance, if you can't be bothered with the hairdresser every four to six weeks for a touch up, go for an ombre effect or just do some natural highlights.

In any case, making sure you invest in good quality products will keep your new hair colour looking as fresh as possible until your next salon visit. 

More importantly, you need to consider the state of your hair currently before you decide on the hair colour. If your hair is healthy, bleaching it to get a lighter tone will definitely not be as damaging as doing it on already dry and brittle hair. If your hair isn't in the best of shapes, opt for going darker rather than lighter as that will be less harsh to the hair.

One last thing. Live a little. There are many hair colour ideas out there. So speak to your hairdresser and s/he'll help you find the right shade that will complement your skin, eyes and lifestyle. Because life is too short not to try purple hair!


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