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Millet Extract for Hair Loss and Hair Growth

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Millet Extract for Hair Loss and Hair Growth


Millet is gluten free grain most likely originated in Africa and then spread through Asia and the Middle East dating as far back as 10,000 years ago.

Millet contains a unique high content of nutrients such as vitamin B, calcium, silica, iron, potassium, linoleic acid, zinc, magnesium and has many health benefits. These include protecting your heart's health, controlling cholesterol levels and preventing cancer. It has also been shown to support healthy hair.

Hair Benefits

Not uncommon to hear about women that have added millet to their regimen and have experienced thicker and faster growing hair.

Millet extract contributes to healthy hair growth by stimulating existing cell activities and reducing hair loss. Its silica content helps to produce shiny hair and the protein supports the production of keratin, the main hair building block.

Ways to implement millet into your hair regimen

- Eat it with your meals - it is a gluten free grain and can be used as a traditional cereal. You can use it in porridge, snacks, and baking. However, those with thyroid issues might want to consult with their doctor first;

- Take it as a supplement - this will make the process hassle free and ensure you consume a consistent amount overtime and therefore giving you consistent results. 

Lydia ®  contains millet extract alongside many other nutrients, making it a great supplement to help you in your journey towards healthy hair. It is a liquid formula precisely to ensure that your body makes the most of it. Buy now and get a 20% discount if you purchase 2 units.













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