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Millet Extract: Foods That Help Hair Growth

foods that help hair growth


Finding the right foods that help hair growth might prove to be a challenge. After all, good real foods have plenty of nutrients that can benefit our hair in some way. But Millet is different. Millet is a gluten free grain that has been known to promote hair growth.

It contains a unique high content of amino acids, vitamin B, silica, iron and linoleic acid and helps prevent many health problems by protecting your heart's health. It has also been shown to support healthy hair.

Hair Benefits

Studies show that millet extract contributes to healthy hair growth. This is done by stimulating existing cell activities as well as regenerating tissue, stimulating new hair follicles and reducing hair loss. Its silica content helps to produce shiny hair and the protein supports the production of keratin, the main hair building block. So here you have a true food that help hair growth!

Ways to implement millet into your hair regimen:

- Millet Seed Oil Extract - choose extracts that are not processed with harsh chemicals to ensure the quality is preserved. Incorporate the extract in your hair care regimen;

- Eat it as part of your meals - it is a gluten free grain and can be used as a traditional cereal. You can use it in porridge, snacks, and other types of bread. However, those with thyroid issues might want to consult with their doctor first;

- Take it as a supplement - this will make absorption easier and less of a hassle.

Love Locks® Hair Supplement contains millet extract combined with Pantothenic acid and many other nutrients. This makes our product a great supplement to help you in your journey towards healthy hair.













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