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#HeyThereHair with PacifiersnRollers

thick natural hair

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Hey! My name is Faranda and I am from Brooklyn, NY.  I started my page to display my natural hair care journey and my experiences as a new mom. I also recently started my business; @pacifiersnrollers.accessories. I love when women support women. I launched my business as a place where ladies could shop for cute fashion finds that would be a final touch to their hairstyle or outfit. A gorgeous pair of earrings could bring your look from bland to glam!


2. Describe us your hair.

I have natural hair. I would describe my hair as medium length, kinky, coily and thick! I have been natural for about 5 years now and I love it. Who would have thought I was someone who use to say, “ I will never go natural”. Look at me now! I have been able to manage and maintain healthy natural hair over the past few years. 


3. How much does your hair mean to you?

My hair is definitely important to me!  Whether my hair was relaxed or natural, maintaining a good hair regimen has always been a priority for me. 


4. Tell us about your hair care regimen. What does it look like on a weekly basis?

My hair care regimen includes washing my hair on a weekly basis. This consists of a shampoo, sometimes a pre-poo, deep conditioner, rinse out conditioner, a leave-in, styling cream or butter, styling gel and hair oil. Wash day can take between 3-5 hours or more! I know what you are thinking! 5 hours? Yeah, tell me about it! That is a long time! 

As an influencer, I use a few different brands from week to week. I will however re-use brands that tend to give me the best results. I do not provide maintenance to my hair during the week, because I already devoted so much time to my hair during wash day. Most of the time I will do a twist out or braid out. My hair is usually down for about 3-4 days, then it goes up in a puff. I DO NOT re-twist my hair every night before bed. However, before bed I tie my hair with a satin scarf or wear a bonnet. 


5. Do you suffer from any hair issues or troubles? And how do you handle those?

I do not suffer from any hair issues. But detangling and styling my hair is a lot of work because my hair is very thick! This is the main reason wash day takes so long. 

I did however experience postpartum shedding after having my son.


6. Protective styles or wash and gos? Why?

Wash and gos or actually twist outs. I tend not to wear protective styles too often. I enjoy wearing out my curls. 

7. What is your number 1 tip to maximise hair health?

My number 1 tip to maximize hair health is having a consistent hair care regimen and doing low manipulation hairstyles. 


8. What's your go-to DIY hair treatment?

My go to DIY hair treatment is an avocado and aloe vera deep conditioner. These are the main ingredients in my DIY conditioner, which works well on my hair. 


9. Do you ever compare your hair and beauty to others? How do you fight against that? What advice would you give to those struggling to embrace their own beauty?

Yes, I do. I think we all do in a way. Because what makes us follow certain influencers/content creators versus another is because we identify with them in a way because we may have similar hair textures or we like the results of their hair. I love my hair and beauty and I also love the hair and beauty of other women. I believe it is okay to compare, however when thoughts come and come with malicious intent that is were a boundary is crossed.


I tell everyone we are inquire and different! That is what makes us who we are! Embrace yourself and embrace your hair. Give it love and it will love you back. It takes time to learn what your hair likes and which techniques work best for your hair! Just be patient and loving. 


10. Where can people find out more about you?

If you want to check out my hair content

IG & Youtube: @pacifiersnrollers

My IG Business page is @pacifiersnrollers.accessories