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#HeyThereHair with Maia Smith

afro curly hair care

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Maia Smith (formerly Maia Moton). I’m from North Chicago, IL (United States) and I blog about my natural journey! I have zero pets but i am team no animal cruelty. 


2. Describe us your hair.

MY hair at the moment is now fade length. My hair was no longer flourishing so i decided to big chop again.


3. How much does your hair mean to you? 

My hair means a lot to me but not enough to hold on to damaged hair for a “look”. Health over length for me all day!


4. Tell us about your hair care regimen. What does it look like on a weekly basis? 

My hair routine consists of weekly shampoo sessions (yes Shampoo not pre-poo), followed by deep condoning with heat. I prefer my steamer but the dryer is fine. After that, i towel dry for about 20 mins to absorb the water and follow with a leave-in conditioner. After that, I apply my styler and go about my day! One of my favourite hair products are foaming mousses. They’re light and airy and dry really quick. I do use creams but mostly on stretched styles so the dry time won't be as long. For bed time i keep it simple with a satin bonnet and hope for the best in the morning. LOL

5. Do you suffer from any hair issues or troubles? And how do you handle those? 

I suffered from postpartum hair loss with both of my pregnancies. To handle that I ended up big chopping twice to allow my hair to grow back evenly and healthy. I suffer from single strand knots as well but the solution to that is to not do as many wash and gos. 


6. Protective styles or wash and gos? Why?

I prefer wash and gos because I love embracing my natural curl pattern and it allows me to properly wash and take care of my hair on a weekly basis. Plus they’re a lot more cheaper than the protective styles provided in my area.

7. What is your number 1 tip to maximise hair health? 

My number one tip to maximize hair health is to shampoo and deep condition every single wash day! This will keep your hair cleansed and free from build-up allowing the deep conditioner to penetrate properly and add the nutrients needed!


8. What's your go-to DIY hair treatment?

My go to DIY hair treatment is actually A butter pre-poo. Yes butter lol. I got the recipe from Babilon Kay and the butter mixed with other household ingredients prepped my hair for the perfect wash day with loads of moisture. I've tried just butter by itself and it still did wonders.


9. Do you ever compare your hair and beauty to others? How do you fight against that? What advice would you give to those struggling to embrace their own beauty? 

Yes! I always wished my hair was thick like the type 4 ladies and gents. I feel that all of their wash and gos, twist outs or whatever style they did just turned out so full and full of volume while I’m sitting around with my fine strands. I tried to fight that by spending hundreds of dollars on treatments and oils that claimed to make my hair thicker and fuller. None of these products did that so I would give the advice that I gave myself which is embracing what you have. Once I learned how to manipulate and accept how my hair was, it really started to flourish.

10. Where can people find out more about you?

You can find more about me on my Instagram at @maia_poppin, Facebook and YouTube at Maia Smith. My blog will be launching soon!