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#HeyThereHair with Alice Pluteanu

long fine hair care
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hey everyone!
My name is Alice and I am a Beauty Blogger/Content Creator. 
I am make-up artist, and that's why I originally started my Instagram page, but after seeing that most young women forget to take care of their skin first, I started to share more about my skincare regime, in the hopes that I will inspire them to pay more attention to skincare. My motto is 'Skin first, make-up second' and I am on journey of promoting self care and pampering on my Instagram and blog, while offering tips & tricks on everything beauty-related.
2. Describe us your hair. 
Now, let me tell you a bit about my hair: it is really fine and wavy. And it is normally a pain to style. But right now, I think I have found my perfect regime to tame it and give it the volume that it lacks, while maintaining it healthy.

3. How much does your hair mean to you? 
OK, this might sound like a cliché, but my hair is such a big part of me as a person, of my personality. 
Naturally I am a blonde. I know, shocking!
I've been dying my hair black for the past 8 years, and I now couldn't see myself any other way. 
So my black, long hair is a big part of me and it gives me the confidence that I need.

3. Tell us about your hair care regimen. What does it look like on a weekly basis? 
Lately I have found my perfect routine so I am sooo excited to share it with you all!
When it comes to beauty from within, for the past year, I have been taking 25g of collagen and 10g of Lydia Hair Supplements. I usually mix them both in a large iced coffee. This has definitely been a game changer for my hair, skin and nails. My hair and nails are growing faster and stronger, my skin looks more healthy and glowing. So this is my success formula.
Moreover, I've been using the new Inkey List Caffeine Treatment every night (for the last 2 weeks, so an update will be live on my Instagram in a couple of weeks). 
I also wash my hair every 2-3 days, I usually use a different shampoo and conditioner, but I always choose something for coloured hair. After I wash my hair I use the Inkey List Peptide Volumising Treatment, which has been a life saver and made me fall in love with my hair all over again. My hair is usually really flat, but this treatment has definitely given my hair a lot of volume.
I also do a deeply hydrating hair mask weekly, I currently use the Umberto Giannini Banana Butter Leave On conditioner.

4. Do you suffer from any hair issues or troubles? And how do you handle those? 
Until recently my hair has been really flat, but I solved that with the Inkey Volumising Treatment, which I am so thankful for.
Since I dye my hair quite often (every 3 to 4 weeks), I always make sure to protect it from any damage. I rarely use any heat to style it and when I do, I always make sure to use a heat protector.

5. Protective styles or wash and gos? Why? 
Wash and gos, for sure. As I mentioned before, I rarely use any heat to style my hair, so I just let it dry naturally and leave it do its thing.
As a full-time postgraduate student, and a part-time blogger, I do not have enough time to style it daily.

6. What is your number 1 tip to maximise hair health? 
That would definitely be my daily 'beauty from within' recipe. My Collagen & Lydia Hair Growth supplements are my perfect pair for hair health.

7. What's your go-to DIY hair treatment? 
I try to do this one once a month, and it always take me back to my childhood when I tried every DIY hair treatment on the Internet with my mom. 
I mix Coconut oil, with Argan oil, Castor oil and Vitamins A & E and put the mixture all over my hair and sleep with it on. When I wash it in the morning my hair is left so soft and feeling healthy.

8. Do you ever compare your hair and beauty to others? How do you fight against that? What advice would you give to those struggling to embrace their own beauty?
I used to do that a lot. And Instagram will sometimes make you compare yourself to others.
What I learned to do is to 'clean my feed' of people who made me feel bad about myself. I now only follow creators and people who I genuinely love. 
So my advice to anyone is to 'clean their feed' and not to forget that there is only one you, and that's your biggest advantage! So love yourself a little more today, have a little pamper session  and share it with me on my Instagram. 💕

9. Where can people find out more about you? 
If you ever want to talk to a girlfriend, or you'd love to see my latest Holy Grail products or tips & tricks, you can follow me on Instagram at @alicepluteanu. 
For longer reviews, story times, and basically everything beauty related you can follow my blog: