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Hard Water: Why it May be Causing and Accelerating your Hair Loss

Hard Water: Why it May be Causing and Accelerating your Hair Loss


Do you have that friend from another city or country that won't stop complaining about how thin her hair became once she moved to London? Well, think again, because hard water may actually be the reason her hair and your hair seem to be thinning day after day.

What is hard water?

'Hard' water is water that contains a high number of oxidizers and minerals such as copper, magnesium and calcium. London is a city plagued by it.

Though there is yet to be conclusive research showing a direct link between hard water and hair loss, there are theories that provide support to its detrimental effect on the health of your locks.

One of the theories is that hard water is positively charged whereas human hair has a negative electrical charge. Therefore, when they enter into contact with each other, the water causes the scale in your hair strands to lift, causing your hair to feel rougher. Overtime, no matter how organic or expensive your conditioners and shampoos are, they won't be able to penetrate that barrier and reach your hair and scalp. This results in dry, frizzy hair that is very prone to breakage and a scalp that is inflamed and often suffering from dandruff.

The increased calcium in the water will also cause your scalp to calcify, decreasing blood flow to your follicles, which ultimately end up dying from the restricted supply.

These are things that your normal haircare routine is unlikely to factor in and after a year you will begin questioning what went wrong when you seemingly were doing and eating all the right things.


Getting a water softener is definitely not something everybody is willing to do since it can be expensive and complicated to install. One simply solution would be to buy a shower filter. These are very affordable and will do the job of filtering all or at least most of the bad stuff out of your water so that you actually get clean hair at the end of the process.

While you're waiting for that shower filter, Apple Cider Vinegar rinses will provide you with a great temporary solution. Alternatively, dilute 1 tbsp of white vinegar or lemon juice in a cup of water and use it to rinse off your locks.

What's the point of eating the rights things, using the right products and techniques, if the first step in your hair care regimen is already setting you up for failure?


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