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10 Things You Should Know About Hair

interesting hair facts


Think you know everything about hair or that there isn't much to know? Well, think again. Below we list ten interesting things about your hair that will surely make for a great dinner party conversation. Or you could just keep them to yourself. You choose.  

#1 Hair Growth Rate

On average, your hair grows about half an inch (1.25 cm) per month and 6 inches (15 cm) per year.  So you know that girl with hair down to her waist? She didn't grow that overnight. Most likely it took her about 7 years to reach that. Talk about a lifetime of deep conditioning!

#2 Hair Shedding

If you keep seeing strands of hair every time you comb or wash it, don't be alarmed. On average, a normal person sheds about 40-150 strands of hair and, since each of us has around 100,000-150,000 strands, losing about 40 a day is not something you should be worried about.

#3 Goosebump Magic

I am sure you've always wondered what was the cause behind those goosebumps you got every time something scared you or you were cold. Well, goosebumps are simply hair follicles contracting and making the hair and the surrounding skin to perk up. Bet you didn't know that!

#4 True Moisture

Not uncommon for some of us to reach for a fancy hair oil whenever we feel our strands a bit dry. However, water is what really makes your hair hydrated, not oil. Oil molecules (even your own sebum) is too large to penetrate the hair shaft, so the best thing to do when you feel like you're heading to dry-land is to pour some water on it. Just pour that thing. All of it.

#5 Body Priorities

Hair is a non-essential tissue. That means, if your diet is lacking in nutrients to nourish your whole body then those limited nutrients will be allocated to bigger and more important organs. Whatever is left (if anything) will then go to your hair. No wonder crash diets tend to cause temporary hair loss.

#6 Keratin

Your hair is mostly made of one thing - Keratin - a protein. The same goes to the outer layer of your skin and fingernails. And within Keratin there is something that is behind your hair's shape and strength, an amino acid called Cysteine.

#7 Hair Rest

Your hair is growing every day. Even right now, as you read this post. Fun fact is that at this point in time, about 90% of your hair is growing (called 'anagen phase'), while the remaining 10% is in resting phase and falling off (telogen phase).

#8 Hair Magic

Say you saw some hair porosity test video on Youtube and decided to try it or you pulled some of your hair by mistake, perhaps attempting desperately to rid yourself of that one strand of grey hair that is ruining your whole style. Not to worry, because if you pluck a hair from its follicle, a new strand automatically begins to grow. Lucky you!

#9 Summertime Love

Compared to colder months, hair grows a little bit faster during warm weather. This is because the heat stimulates circulation in your scalp, promoting more of those beautiful locks to come out and say 'Hi'.

#10 Keep that Cuticle Laid

The outermost layer of your hair is called the 'cuticle'. It's basically dead cells overlapping in layers (picture a roof) which protect the inside of your hair (the house). In healthy hair, the cuticles lay flat. Whereas dry and damaged hair tend to have open cuticles. So if you can find a way to lay those cuticles, waste no time girlfriend!


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